10 Pound Best Selling Treats Sampler Bundle: 8 Different Treats in One Box!

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✔️8 HERBAL TREATS FOR HENS & DUCKS: This 10 pound variety pack of herbal chicken treats makes a great feed for laying hens or duck food for pet ducks! Your flock will run for these goodies!

✔️FULL OF INGREDIENTS CHICKENS LOVE: High calcium grit treats with lots of protein, vitamins, minerals & other nutrients!

✔️REDUCES BOREDOM & ENCOURAGES FORAGING: Your flock will love the dried insects, herbs, non-gmo corn, grubs, and mealworms. These treats will encourage positive behaviors!

✔️ECONOMICAL: 10 pounds of non-gmo & high quality treats 

✔️YUMMY EGG BOOSTER FOR CHICKENS: Mix with layer pellets, chicken scratch feed for an extra chicken feed omega 3 boost! Makes a great addition to a well-rounded diet that chickens love!

Your chickens will love this HUGE 10 pound chicken treat sampler bundle filled with Pampered Chicken Mama’s most popular treats & some brand new ones! This chicken food bundle includes 8 different kinds of hen treats & duck food that’s full of chicken nutrition.

The 8 treat varieties are:

  • Omega Burst (1.25 pound) provides Omega 3 for chickens for great eggs;
  • Rainbow Bright (1 pound) is a chicken scratch treat that helps reduce boredom and includes millet for birds;
  • Cold Winter Nights (2 pounds) is made out of oatmeal, black soldier fly larvae for chickens, and cracked corn for animals;
  • Poultry Queen Corn & Mealworm Treat (1 pound) includes mealworms for chicken and cracked corn for chickens;
  • Lucky Chicken (1.25 pound) includes grubs and peas in addition to non-GMO wheat and is a great egg booster for chickens;
  • Sunflower Power Treat (1 pound) is made with black sunflower seeds for birds, rose petals, peas, corn, & more;
  • PowerHen High Protein Treat (1.25 pound) is made with giant meal worms, soldier fly larvae, non-GMO wheat, rose petals, and calendula
  • BEE A Beautiful Hen Herbal Treat (1.25 pound), which is made with non-GMO wheat, rose petals, and grubs for chicken.

This bundle is full of chicken vitamin and calcium for chickens, and is easy to mix with oyster shells, chick grit, chicken food, other dried mealworms, organic chicken food for laying hens, duck food, seed for chickens, chicken grit, bird supplements, chicken supplements, chicken scratch, chicken treats for laying hens, game bird feed, and more!