BEE A Beautiful Hen Treat With Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae & Herbs

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BEE A Beautiful Hen Treat contains ingredients that hens love - and that you'll love to feed them. 

✔️ YUMMY EGG LAYER FEED TREAT: Need to support your flock with a high protein chicken feed? BEE A Beautiful Hen Chicken Treat is perfect for backyard chickens who love herbs!

✔️ NON-GMO & ALL NATURAL: A unique blend of nesting box herbs for chickens including freeze dried insects and mealworms, along with nourishing herbs and flowers for backyard chickens. A soy free blend of coop nesting herbs your poultry will love!

✔️ CHICKENS LOVE IT! Laying hens love picking at the dried flowers and non-GMO wheat berries and go BANANAS over the dried bugs! You'll also hear your pet chickens clucking for joy in their coops over the soothing rose petals. Great duck feed too!

✔️ SUPPORTS FEATHER PRODUCTION: The Bee pollen in among these chicken coop herbs is one of those “superfoods” that contains not just a ton of vitamins and minerals. It also contains more protein than meat - super important for healthy egg production & feather growth.


Ingredients: Non-GMO wheat, rose petals, mealworms, bee pollen