Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Herbs

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✔️ SAFE FOR COOPS: Mix of organic nesting herbs for chicken coops and houses. 

✔️ EASY TO USE: Mix with bedding, box liners, pine shavings in nest boxes. Convenient resealable bag for easy storage.

✔️ NON-GMO: Pet chickens love the scent of calendula, rose petals, alfalfa, oregano, basil, rosemary, chamomile, and lavender.

✔️ OYSTER SHELLS PRE-MIXED IN: Crushed oyster shells for chickens and hens are already mixed in, so it’s easy to give your flock necessary vitamins & minerals.

Happy Chickens = Happy Eggs!

Want to get the best and most fresh eggs ever? Love giving your hens goodies they’ll come running for? Want better egg production? Best Eggs Ever! is a proprietary blend of all-natural dried herbs.

Our Unique Formula

Hens love the Calendula, Lavender, Rose, Alfalfa, Chamomile, oregano, and oyster shells (loaded with calcium for strong egg shells!).

Add our proprietary blend of nesting herbs for chickens to chicken bedding and pine shavings in your chicken coop. Simply spread our dried herbs for chickens inside the nest box, directly into the hen nest boxes, or onto the poultry bedding or nest box pads. Spread inside your chicken coop and inside nest box liners as part of your chicken care strategy.

The Leading Poultry Treats

Pampered Chicken Mama is a leading source of nesting herbs, coop herbs, treats and feed for backyard chickens. All our products are Non-GMO and USA sourced so your hens have only the best quality chicken feed. And our 100% transparency promise, and easily readable ingredients list means you can trust your flock is eating only the best chicken food for laying hens Crafted by experts and pet chicken approved!