Boo Box: 6 Seasonal Fall & Halloween Themed Treats For Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Quail, And Other Poultry

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The Boo Box includes:

  • Monster Mash - A fun high-protein mash made with Bloomgrubs, calendula, peas, and more!
  • Henergy - A textured treat featuring peanuts, hemp seeds, marjoram, BloomGrubs, crickets, puffed millet, and more!
  • Chicken Candy - Chickens truly think this treat is candy! It has all. the. bugs. and corn, peas, and lentils that chickens love!
  • Bloomgrubs - North American raised!
  • Fall Harvest Textured Treat - Made with wheat, corn, soybean hulls, crickets, shrimp, flax, pea flakes, amaranth, pumpkin seeds for a fun, fall treat!
  • Goodnight Treat Mix - Makes round up so easy! Includes crickets, rosehips, and more!