Cleanest Coop Ever! Coop Refresher 6 Pounds

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Say goodbye to the strong ammonia smell from urine and feces and say hello to a fresher smelling coop.

  • Mix with coop bedding
  • Lengthens life of bedding
  • Makes coops smell great!

✔️REDUCE BAD ODORS & IMPROVE COOP VENTILATION: Safe and natural way to reduce bad odors in your chicken house caused by chicken food, ammonia caused by feces on your chicken roost, and urine in poultry dust.

✔️EASY TO USE: Easily add to outdoor and indoor chicken coop floor pads, nest box pads, shavings, and straw for chickens for a fresher coop. No spray attachments required.

✔️MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS & ODOR NEUTRALIZER GRANULES: Made with organic herbs, essential oils, and calcium carbonate. 

✔️SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Safe to use around chickens and other pets. Add to dust bath for a fresher bathing area.

✔️IMPROVE COOP VENTILATION: Cleanest Coop Ever! is less dusty than barn lime or crushed zeolite for a healthier coop your chickens will love!