Great Feathers Bundle: Bundle of 7 products so your hens have great, fluffy feathers! (14 pounds total)

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Make growing great feathers easy with this bundle of our best selling feather support products! Save 50% by buying all these products in this bundle!

This bundle is 14 pounds total

This bundle includes 7 full-sized items:

✔️Fluffiest Feathers Ever! (2 pounds): our best selling product to support new feather growth! High protein, non-gmo & made with herbs!

✔️Dust Bath with Herbs (5 pounds): a fun & healthy dust bath to prevent chicken mites. Includes our proprietary blend of herbs that repel mites!

✔️Chicken Candy (1 pound): A high-protein mixture of crickets, mealworms, grubs, corn, peas, & lentils to support healthy feathers. A fun mixture chickens go crazy for!

✔️PowerHen High Protein Treat (1 pound) - a high protein treat with mealworms, black soldier fly grubs, non-gmo wheat, calendula petals, & rose petals

✔️MitesBGone Coop & Dust Bath Herbs (10 oz) - our best selling coop herbs! Combine with nesting box bedding, coop herbs, or your flock's favorite dust bath area for extra protection against mites!

✔️Fluffy Feathers Lavender Shampoo (8 oz) - A chicken-safe shampoo to rid feathers of poo, mites, dried feed, etc that can inhibit new feather growth

✔️Brewer's Yeast (20 oz) - Brewer's yeast provides important vitamins and improves gut health to aid in feather growth!

Each product purchased individually would cost $170. When you purchase this bundle, you save 50%!