Non-GMO Premium Chicken Scratch With Herbs To Encourage Positive Behaviors

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✔️Made with wholegrain ingredients chickens, ducks, and other backyard poultry love.

✔️Locally sourced, non-GMO ingredients you can trust

✔️USA Made, Created by experts & veteran owned business

✔️Added herbs provide joy and fun for your flock!

✔️Reduces stress by encouraging natural behaviors like foraging

Keep your flock entertained and reinforce good behaviors by providing them with this fun treat! Pampered Chicken Mama Premium Non-GMO Scratch is a wholesome addition to any diet. Fortified with nutritious herbs, your hens will cluck for joy as they hunt and peck for this delicious treat!

Ingredients: Non-GMO corn, flax, milo, sorghum, wheat, oats, oyster shells, spearmint leaf (for flavor), dill seed (for flavor), apple cider vinegar granules (for flavor), and yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).