Premium Layer Feed With Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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  • ✔️ 100% NON-GMO EGG LAYER FEED (SOY FREE): 16% protein layer chicken feed made with fish meal, whole black soldier fly larvae, non-gmo corn, non-gmo wheat, non-gmo oats, milo, oyster shells, and mixed with herbs.
  • ✔️ WATCH YOUR FLOCK GOBBLE IT UP: Chickens, hens, and ducks love the black soldier fly larvae, fish meal, corn, and herbs! They’ll come running to you!
  • ✔️ EASY TO RAISE HEALTHY LAYERS: High quality soy-free herbal hen food so your chickens can lay their best eggs ever. Easy to pour into chicken supplies and feeders so your hens have 24-hour access to food.
  • ✔️ OYSTER SHELLS PRE-MIXED IN: Oyster shells are already mixed into this layer feed for chickens, so it’s easy to give your flock necessary vitamins & minerals.
  • ✔️ 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Your chickens will love them or your MONEY BACK! No questions asked!

INGREDIENTS: Corn, Wheat, Oats, Milo, Fish Meal, Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Calcium Carbonate, Oregano (For Flavor), Garlic (For Flavor), Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement

Directions for use: Offer free choice. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times.