Ultimate Bundle for Proud Chicken Parents

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This bundle lasts 5 chickens for 4 months!

The supply chain is making it hard to get feed, health care products, and parasite control.

This is the Ultimate Bundle for Proud Chicken Parents who want to raise healthy hens!

Get all the

  • feed,
  • treats,
  • pest care, and
  • herbs

you need to raise healthy layers - shipped right to your door.

It's so easy to raise healthy layers that come running for their goodies!


Included in this bundle are:

? Premium Layer Feed with Black Soldier Fly Larvae (160 pounds)

? MitesBGone Coop & Dust Bath Herbs to Repel Chicken Mites (8 pounds)

? BreatheRight Coop Herbs (improves and cleans air in coops) (4 pounds)

? Savealeg Cream to Prevent Scaly Leg Mites (1 pound)

? Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Herbs (8 pounds)

? Omega Burst Textured Treat for Healthy Eggs (8 pounds)

? Vital Nutrients Multivitamins for Chickens (5 pounds)

? Organic Sea Kelp for Chickens (5 pounds)

? Pick Me Up Floral Dust Bath for Great Feathers (5 pounds)