WormBGone Backyard Chicken Nesting Herbs For Worms & Parasites

Pampered Chicken Mama

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✔️ENCOURAGES HEALTHY DIGESTION: Make a fun coop for your pet chickens without using harsh or synthetic chemicals by adding WormBGone herbs for chickens to your chicken nest boxes.

✔️SAFE FOR COOPS: WormBGone nesting herbs promotes a healthy digestive tract.

✔️NON-GMO & ALL NATURAL: Your backyard hens and roosters will enjoy these nutritious non gmo and soy free nesting herbs for chickens and may even lay better eggs. Also works as a chicken Coop deodorizer to keep your nest boxes for chickens smelling their best.

✔️100% HAPPY CHICKEN GUARANTEE: Add our proprietary blend of nest box chicken coop herbs to chicken bedding and pine shavings in your chicken coop. Your flock will LOVE IT!

✔️EASY TO UNDERSTAND INGREDIENTS: This blend of nesting herbs for chickens includes sage, wormwood, chili, calendula, dandelion, rosebuds, rosemary, basil, alfalfa, coriander seed, fennel seed, and paprika.